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Tyler GND© - The First Guy Next Door from Blackhearted©

Tyler GND© by Blackhearted© is a custom morph character for Ryan 2, one of the included characters in Poser 10 and Pro 2014. Tyler has been artistically sculpted from head to toe, transforming Ryan 2 from his basic starting point into a chiseled athlete with extraordinary muscular, tendon, bone and vein details. Created in partnership with Smith Micro, Tyler provides full Poser 10 compliant Vertex Weight Mapping for superior bending and posing and Subsurface Scattering for photorealistic skin. Tyler is anatomically accurate and includes abundant Advanced Body Controls for faster posing, Joint Controlled Morphs for muscle and tendon movement, with an extensive set of facial expressions and phonemes for synthesized speech. Tyler is Poser Face Room compatible. Like Blackhearted's Anastasia for Alyson 2, Tyler GND is a masterful rework, worthy of top billing in your Poser runtime.

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*Requires Poser 9, Poser Pro 2012, Poser 10 or Poser Pro 2014 Serial Number.

Tyler GND Figure Pack Includes:

Fully rigged with Poser's Vertex Weightmapping, Tyler GND comes with a complete set of Full Body Morphs, Partial Body Morphs, Advanced Body Controls, Deformers and Joint Controlled Body Morphs. Tyler GND also includes highly detailed displacement maps to reproduce vein and tendon details.

Tyler GND is furnished via an easy to use installer which installs the figure's compressed runtime files and supporting application files.

Tyler GND is a completely re-sculpted and re-scaled full body morph figure version of Ryan 2 (included with the Poser 10 and Poser Pro 2014 Content) that preserves the original Ryan 2 UV layout, so all legacy Ryan 2 texture maps can be used on Tyler GND.

Tyler GND includes an anatomically accurate Genitalia conforming figure, with Subsurface Scattering surface material to match Tyler's GND's skintone. The Genitalia hip actor 18 Posing Controls.

Tyler GND includes both the original Ryan 2 morphs that provides a softer, more easily modifiable face.

  • 1 full resolution, gamma correct, photorealistic body material set with Subsurface Scattering via Snarlygribbly's EZSkin Tool. Includes detailed displacement mapping to support surface undulations such as veins and tendons both in the Poser OpenGl display and at rendertime
  • 1 full resolution, gamma correct, photorealistic Genitalia material set with Subsurface Scattering via Snarlygribbly's EZSkin Tool
  • 6 full resolution eye color material sets optimized for raytracing and Subsurface Scattering; 3 are set-up for Ambient Occlusion support
  • 8 Full Body Morphs, over 100 Upper and Lower Body Partial Morphs and over 100 Facial Expression, Face Sculpting, Eye, Ear, Lip Mouth, Nose, Tongue and Phoneme Morphs
  • 9 unique Tyler GND Facial Expression Morphs
  • 31 Advanced Body Controls for faster posing
  • 11 Tyler GND utility Poses including Deformer pose to apply the full set of deformers to third party content
  • Tyler GND Running Shorts Conforming Figure with 3 color variations
  • TalkDesigner™ and Face Room Compliant
  • Tyler GND XMP metadata files for Library content
  • Fully detailed, 34 Page Tyler GND User Guide to get the most out of Tyler.

Tyler GND requires Poser 10, Poser Pro 2014, or Poser 9/ Poser Pro 2012 with SR3 or later applied.

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