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G2 Character Documentation

This document covers the construction of the G2 characters and practical usage including: rigging, geometry, Advanced Body Controls, Advanced Deformers, genitalia, textures, additional morphs and poses, Face Room compatibility, Walk Designer, FBM's, Puppet Master.

The Generation 2 characters from Smith Micro are designed to be the most realistic and versatile 3D human characters ever released. In addition to superior modeling and rigging, the G2 series characters contain an Advanced Body Control system, Advanced Deformation System, Photo realistic materials and texture maps, and incredibly lifelike facial expression morphs. Face Room integration is also a key component of the the G2 character system.

Requirements: For full compatibility, Poser version 6.0 or later is required on either the Macintosh® or Windows® platform. We always recommend the latest build of Poser. The Face room modules have not been tested with Poser 5 and are not compatible. The Advanced Shader nodes have been set up with Poser 6 or later in mind and are delivered as .mc6 files limiting the compatibility with Poser 5.

Requirements: Poser version 6.0 or later.

The 4 currently released G2 male characters: JamesG2, KelvinG2, KojiG2 and SimonG2 can share a number of attributes and are set up to maximize interchangeability of hair, clothing, morphs, textures, etc.

The base body of all four characters is exactly the same with variations in texturing and shading. This means that clothing, full body morphs and textures can easily be shared between the 4 characters.

The heads of each character differ in shape and size. We felt this was necessary to maintain a realistic and completely natural difference in ethnicity while still being able to create and apply very realistic facial expression morphs.

The material setups are similar and differ only slightly, reducing the work needed to adapt texture sets to each character. KojiG2, JamesG2 and SimonG2 head shapes and height are similar enough that both Trans Mapped and Strand Based hair can be shared, in most cases without issue. Kelvin G2 however has a slightly different head shape and a minimal amount of work is required to adapt most add on items for use.

Version 1 Compatibility: Prior to the release of the G2 characters, the James and Koji characters were available for Poser. The Mesh, UV's and Rigging have all changed significantly from these version 1 characters. In most cases peripherals and add on content for the version 1 characters can no longer be used.

G2 Character Rigging

G2 Rig: There are three rigs (Characters) included in each G2 character set. The first listed in the library is a new advanced rigging with all features for easier posing and natural body shaping that are explained later in this document.

This is considered the default rig.This Rig contains the following:

  • Deformation Magnets
  • Advanced Body Controls
  • Advanced Toe Controls
  • Advanced Hand Controls
  • Advanced Breast Controls (G2 females only)
  • Facial Expression Morphs
  • Full Body Morphs (FBM)

G2 Alternate Rig: The Alternate Rig is meant for use where detailed body deformation is not necessary. For example background characters, crowd scenes or when doing work in the face room.

This rig does not include the following:

  • Deformation Magnets
  • Advanced Body Controls
  • Full Body Morphs (FBM)

Development Rig: The DEV rig is included for Developers and is completely stripped of any extras. It is simply the base CR2 with the character zero posed, meaning no bends or rotations are applied, and no textures or extras are available.

This Rig does not contain the following:

  • Textures and Materials
  • Deformation Magnets
  • Advanced Body Controls
  • Advanced Toe Controls
  • Advanced Hand Controls
  • Advanced Breast Controls (G2 females only)
  • Facial Expression Morphs
  • Full Body Morphs (FBM)

Character geometry

The same body mesh is used for all of the G2 male characters. And similarly the same body mesh is used on all female characters.

The characters differ in Poly count due to the difference in their heads, eyes, and mouths. The mesh is provided in OBJ format and consists entirely of Quads. Triangulated mesh is not ideal for Poser due to the fact that the render engine expects quads and must compensate, occasionally yielding inferior results.

The layout and polygon management of the mesh is optimized for the Poser rigging system. Importing these characters into other applications through OBJ import is not advised. We suggest using the COLLADA export functionality of Poser Pro, or using the Poser Fusion plug ins whenever possible.

The character mesh is not redistributable.

  • KojiG2 totals --> 69805 poly's 72166 verts
  • KelvinG2 totals --> 76113 poly's 78899 verts
  • JamesG2 totals --> 81595 poly's 84154 verts
  • Jessi G2 totals--> 99723 poly's 114367 verts
  • Poser 7 SimonG2 totals--> 81595 poly's 84398 verts
  • Poser 7 SydneyG2 totals--> 97924 poly's 100975 verts


Advanced Body Controls (ABC's)

The ABC's are driven by dials located in the BODY actor of the G2 characters and allow you to control multiple body parts simultaneously to help in posing the character. Using these dials simplifies the posing process by allowing you to control multiple body parts simultaneously.

To locate the dials, switch to the Pose room, select a G2 character in your scene, open the Parameters Dials from the Windows menu (Cntrl-Shft-N) and the select the Body actor.

You should see something similar to the image on the right.

If needed, you can reset all the dials back to zero by using the "Zero ABCs" pose that is supplied with each G2 character in the Pose directory of the Poser content library.

This pose will only reset the Advanced Body Controls to zero and will not affect other rotations or edits applied with other dials or the direct manipulation tools. In other words any rotation values on body parts not created through use of the ABC will remain applied.

There is also an Absolute Zero pose included that will set all rotations to Zero if needed.

Zero ABC's

When using the Advanced Body Controls in the legs you must first turn off the Inverse Kinematics that are applied by default. The ABC's will not move the feet if they are locked to their IK targets.

This can be done either from the Figure menu by deselecting Use Inverse Kinematics for each leg, or by using the IKOffLegs pose which will turn the IK's off for you. This pose is also located in the Pose directory.


Note: when using the ABC's, using the translation tools can result the figure to distort far beyond what is desired. The tools in effect become very sensitive. It may be more desirable to pose with the dials in this case.

Advanced Hand Controls

New Hand Controls have been added that allow easier posing of the hands. The hand can be posed as a fist for example by turning one dial instead of having to pose each finger etc.

The Advanced Hand Controls can be accessed through the Parameter Dials Palette by selecting either the left or right hand actor.

Advanced Toe Controls

Controls for the Toes have also been added. The toes can now be curled and spread by turning a single dial.

The Advanced Toe Controls can be accessed through the Parameter Dials Palette by selecting either the left or right Toe actor.

Advanced Breasts Controls

The female G2 characters come with breast controls that allow movement of each breast individually or together with the turn of a single dial.

The Advanced Breast Controls can be accessed through the Parameter Dials Palette by selecting the Chest actor.

Advanced Body Deformers

The G2 characters have been set up with an innovative and advanced deformer set that has since been replicated on many other 3D characters due to its success. Each character has a set of body deformers that are not Morph targets but rather Poser Magnets that deform the mesh as the rigging joints are manipulated.

This adds realism to the character when posing by simulating muscle mass and movement throughout the body of the character.

These deformers are are tied into, and controlled by the movement of the body parts. For example when bending the forearm the biceps will flex.
Poser's magnet technology makes it possible for these body deforming magnets to be added to other figures that have the same body part names as those that the magnet was originally attached to.

For example "rShldr", the internal name for the right shoulder of the character would exist on the G2 character and on a T-shirt created to fit on that character. By applying the deformers to the T-shirt, we make it possible for the T-shirt to move with the biceps as it flexes and changes shape.

This means that these magnets can be easily be applied to conforming clothing to recreate the same deformation. Manipulating the characters' joints simultaneously manipulates the clothing joints and drives the deformers. The real key feature to this is that a clothing designer/creator does not have to duplicate joint controlled morph targets when creating clothing for these characters.

An add deformer pose has been supplied with the character that will automatically add the deforming magnets to any conforming item that has the same body part names in it. See the following tutorial.

Adding Advanced Body Deformers to Clothing

The following tutorial demonstrates how to apply the body deformers to conforming clothing. We will be using SimonG2 and the G2Casual Casual Pants.

Note: If you are running Poser Pro you must install the legacy content Runtime for this tutorial to work.

1. Open a new scene, select the default figure and delete it.

2. Load SimonG2 into the scene. To do this select the "Figures" tab on the Library palette. See Fig.1

You can navigate to the folder using the contextual menu as shown to the right. This can be done in Poser 7 and Poser Pro by clicking on the current library name. You may also simply navigate to the Figures>Poser 7>Simon G2> by double clicking to drill into the library, and then double click on the Simon G2 Icon to load him into the scene.


Your scene should now look like Fig.2 to the right.


3. Load the G2Casual Casual Pants into the Scene in the same manner you loaded Simon G2. You will find them in Runtime>Props>Poser 7>P7 Male Clothes>Poser 7Casual. Double click on the G2Casual-CasualPants icon Fig.3 to load the pants into the scene.


4. You must now conform that pants to Simon by Selecting Conform To... from the Figure menu. Fig.4

Make sure the Pants are selected before doing this.


When the Conform To dialogue opens up, Select Simon G2 from the Pull Down menu. Fig.5


Your Scene should now look like Fig.6 below.

Fig. 6

5.. Now we will add Simon's body deformers to the pants. With the pants selected, navigate through the library to Poses>Poser 7>SimonG2 and double click on the AddDeformer Pose. The icon will look similar to the one on the right.


This will apply the body deformers to the pants and your character is ready for posing. To ensure that the deformers have been applied you can go to Display>Deformers>Show All. This will turn on all the deformers so that you can see them applied to the conforming clothing.

NOTE: It is not necessary to re-save the pants. They will not retain the magnet information and will write blank deformer channels into the clothing. It is also not necessary to re-save the clothing after applying the deformers.

As you can see by the above tutorial it is very easy to use the deformers with conforming clothing and eliminates the need for merchants to recreate the magnets in their clothing. In order for the deformers to work properly the conforming item must have the same body part names as the character. Because of the internal coding of magnets they will not work with smart props that are attached to the body. This is because the smart props do not have the same body part naming as the base figure.

The Add Deformers Pose may be redistributed.


G2 Males: The genitalia is now available as a separate conforming figure for the G2 males. The basic material set for each character is applied by default but advanced material collections are available in the Materials room to match each Advanced material set for the main characters body. See the Materials section of this document for more information.

Before using the erect morph you will need to remove the Bend rotation value. There is a rotation of 67 degrees on the Bend dial. This should be set to 0.

There is a transparency map blended into the materials so that the genital matches the body seamlessly. For this reason in some preview modes the genital will not be fully visible, you may see something similar to the image on the right.

FBM's to match the character are included and should be used via the Parameter dials on the Body of the male genitalia.

G2 Females: Sydney G2 and Jessi G2 come with morphs to either turn on or off the genitals. Located in the chest actor is a “No Nipples” morphs that is automatically set to 1 to hide the nipples. Turning it to zero will show them.

Note: The figure has been memorized with this setting so restoring the figure will set the morph back to a setting of 1 if it has been set to zero.

Located in both the Body of the G2 Females and Hip actors is the morph that will turn on the vaginal genitalia. These dials can be found on the Parameter dials as seen to the right and a setting of 1.0 will fully show the genitalia.

Note: The Sydney G2 Alternate was designed to be used with the face room and does not have these morphs applied. Two "injection" poses have been supplied that will inject the No Nipple morph and set that morph to 1.0, and to inject the vaginal genital morph which will be set to 0.0. These specialized poses are located in the Pose folder of the G2 female character you are using.

Textures and Materials

G2 Males: All Characters have the Basic materials applied by default. When loaded into a scene they appear with a set of materials that for the most part only include the image maps. All G2 male characters share the same UV's however due the nature of the head shapes and to maintain a realistic ethnicity for each, the head UV's differ slightly in some aspects. The material groups are the same and material collections will apply to G2 male characters. The Basic Material Collection contains the same material settings that are pre-applied to the character and is supplied so that the materials can be reverted to their default. In many cases such as illustration work, or for use as background characters, these basic materials are more than adequate. They are also a good starting point for building custom materials and working on custom texture maps. To access materials for a character, select the character in the scene and switch to the Materials room.

The James G2 folder contains two Material collections in addition to the basic set. The "advanced 1" set is more evenly matched and less bumped up than the "advanced 2" collection. We employ a reflection map on "advanced 1" to add color to the figure. Each material uses math functions instead of bulking the file with more texture maps. Math functions allow you to plug in and modify the throughput of a texture map in a variety of ways.

James Basic/Advanced 1/Advanced 2

With the Kelvin G2 materials, the same math functions are used as with James G2 however, we created two material files that will allow a user to get more evenly matched detail settings in both close up and distance renders. By controlling the use of the blinn node we can achieve material settings that allow Kelvin G2 to look detailed in close up renders and in distance renders by simply controlling the specular roll off. The roll off is set to a lower value in the distance material collection because the figure looked as though it was coated in cooking oil. For close ups, the detail, especially on the head is brought out significantly by increasing the value.


Kelvin Basic/Adv Near/ Adv Distance

Koji G2 has a set very similar to James except that due to the color of the maps and skin type, it was not necessary to provide addition material sets beyond the basic and advanced.

Koji Basic and ADV

G2 Females: There are several additional collections included for Jessi G2 and Sydney G2. Since the genitalia is not a separate conforming figure as it is with the G2 Males is is necessary to supply material collections with and without the genitalia details "painted" in. these are designated with a "gen" and "no gen" suffix and the icons differ in that the collection containing the genitalia details are noted "W/genitals".

Sydney Gen and No gen

In addition to the Basic material collections the G2 females also include "Shine" and Ultimate collections. The Shine collections offer a higher specularity and a wetter look, while the Ultimate collections provide the Ultimate in photrealism.

Sydney Shine Gen and no Gen

Note: Texture Templates for all of the G2 characters are available for Developers free of charge and can be downloaded here:

Additional Morphs and Poses

Full Body Morphs: FBM's are preloaded on the figures. They can be found on the body actor and should be used from there. Since all G2 male character bodies originate from the same body mesh, FBM's below the neck actor are interchangeable reducing the work required to produce an FBM set. In other words a set created for one particular G2 male character would fit all of the other G2 male characters.



Facial Expressions and Expression Morphs: The G2 character facial expressions can be modified and animated by selecting the Head and turning the dials on the Parameters palette. Each character contains a standard set of parameters such as Smiles, Eye controls and Phonemes that can be used with the Talk Designer for Lip Syncing. Change the values either by turning the dials or clicking on the numerical value and changing it.

The morphs from the first generation James and Koji have been carried over and applied to the G2 versions. Kelvin G2 and Simon G2 have an almost identical set to the other two male characters.

Preset Expressions that are built from combinations of these morphs can be found in the Expression folder of the Poser content library.

Expressions for the most part will apply from one G2 character to another but due to the difference in the shape of the faces they may not always give desired results.

You can build your own expressions and save them to the library for later use by mixing and matching values on the above dials thereby creating a unique facial pose that can then be saved into the Expression folder of the Poser content library by using the "+" at the bottom of the library.


Absolute Zero Pose: This pose will set the figure to an absolute standing pose removing all rotations settings from all the body parts.


IKOnLegs Pose: This pose will turn the Inverse Kinematics in the legs back on.

ToesLock Pose: G2 characters come with pose able toes and using some preset poses will cause the toes to poke through shoes. To prevent this a LockToes pose has been created that will lock all the individual toes.

ToesUnlock Pose: This pose will unlock all the individual toes so that you can pose them if you wish.

Note: New Animated Poses are included. When loading an animated pose, These poses were created with the "Use Limits" setting set to off. For best results you should change this setting before applying these poses. this can be done by selecting a character and then from the Figure menu checking or un checking "Use Limits".

The 'Punch Give' and 'Punch Receive' animated poses were created to allow the user to load 2 figures in an animated action scene. The figure being used for the 'Punch Receive' pose will not be lined up properly upon loading the pose. To fix this, make sure you are at frame 01, then select body in the parameters palette and change the yRotate value to 180.

Walk Designer

New Walk designer animations have been included for the G2 Males. After copying the walk designer directory from the Runtime\libraries\Pose\WalkDesigner directory of the G2male_Poses runtime. If you have launched the walk designer in your current working session, you must restart Poser. If not, when launching the Walk Designer you will see a "Building Walk Designer..." message.

If you simply add the new animations as above you will be blending these with the base Poser 5 Walk designer animations. This does not always yield optimal results. If you wish to use only the G2 animations you must do the following:

  1. After installing a G2 figure navigate to Runtime\libraries\Pose\WalkDesigner
  2. The WalkDesigner uses two files named walk.pz2 and walk.png in order to start the base walk within WalkDesigner. Temporarily rename the files walkP5.pp2 and walkP5.png.
  3. Rename the G2M Neutral Walk.pz2 and G2M Neutral Walk.png as walk.pz2 and walk.png. to walk.pp2 and walk.png
  4. Re launch Poser if you have used the Walk Designer in the current work session. This will rebuild the Walk Designer with the new animations. Note: To return to a non-G2 character set in the WalkDesigner, you will need to rename the files to the original names.


Face Room

Face room modules are available for JamesG2, KojiG2, and KelvinG2, as a free download from Content Paradise. The Face room install requires Poser 6 or later on Mac or Windows. Due to the amount of data and the way in which the Face Room works, these modules are being delivered separately and with installers.

Poser 7 and Poser Pro ship with all required modules for SimonG2 and SydneyG2.

The installers are available free of charge here: http://www.contentparadise.com/ProductDetails.aspx?id=627 Download, launch the installer, and if necessary locate your Poser 6/7 Runtime folder.

Complete Face Room documentation including tutorials and sample files are included with Poser 6 and later.


Puppet Master

Puppet Master is a utility available on contentparadise.com that allows poses to quickly and easily be transferred from one character to another.

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