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Integrating a Poser Object into a CINEMA 4D Scene

Integrating Poser Pro scenes into CINEMA 4D is very easy. To help you get started, here’s a simple tutorial describing the process.

Be sure you’ve fully installed and serialized Poser Pro and the PoserFusion CINEMA 4D plug-in before starting this tutorial. The CINEMA 4D PoserFusio plug-in in may require you to find your installation of the Poser Pro application when it first launches.

To start this excercise, open Poser Pro and save the Poser Pro default scene without any changes. Note the location of this file and its name, as you’ll need to find it when loading this Poser Pro scene into CINEMA 4D.

Default Poser Scene

Run CINEMA 4D and open C4D file: “Export Scene.c4d”. This file can be found on the CINEMA 4D R10 Video Tutorial DVD in this directory: Goodies\Export Examples\CINEMA 4D Scene.

C4D Room Scene

4. Once you’ve opened the file, from the Menu Bar, select Plugins>Poser Object to create a Poser Pro object from your saved scene. This object is empty until you’ve actually loaded the Poser Pro scene file.

C4D Plugins - Poser Object

In the lower right hand “Attributes pane”, with “Object” mode highlighted, Click “…” to load your saved Poser Pro file. Navigate to Poser Pro Scene file you saved in step 2.

Load Poser Scene

Once the Poser Pro file is loaded, click “Create Materials” to load the full set of figure textures into the C4D Material library.

Create Materials

Materials Loaded

Materials Loaded

Scale and position the Poser figure into the scene, so that the figure will be able to sit on the chair. See the Coordinates illustration for the transformation and rotation we used for the tutorial. Scaling is also important to note. This Poser Pro scene was uniformly up-scaled approximately 3.5 times (350%). It’s always a good idea to save your work; this is a good time to do so.

Default figure not in position

Default figure in position Coords

Default figure in position

Let’s go back to Poser Pro to pose our default figure as if he were seated. Try to keep the feet in approximately the same location so the figure will be close to the chair when you return to C4D. Save the Poser Pro file with figure in a seated position; do not change the name for the Poser Pro file. If you change the name, the plug-in will not recognize any changes to the scene.

Poser figure seated

Back in C4D, click the “Reload” button in the Attributes pane to load the updated version of your Poser Pro scene. You may need to re-tweak your pose in Poser Pro to match the chair’s height. By hitting Reload, you can go back and forth between Poser Pro and C4D to refresh and check the pose changes.

Reload Poser Scene


Finally position the Poser Pro figure onto the chair using transformation tools and the numeric controls. We’ve also increased the scale to 3.8 to better fit the figure to the chair.

Poser figure seated in position

Poser figure seated Coords

Save your scene, then do a test render in CINEMA 4D.

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