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Poser Basics Tutorials

Poser Basics

One of our most successful Poser Artists, Charles Taylor of Nerd3D Graphics, has been using Poser for almost fifteen years. He's created some of the most useful accessory props and tools for Poser. He's also great at explaining how Poser works. To help new users like you get started with Poser he's produced a series of short free videos that will help teach you Poser in easy to understand language and simple steps.

Watch these videos to really master Poser. It might seem hard at first, but after going through these videos you'll have a better understanding of Poser and 3D. What will you create with Poser? The only limit is your imagination!

Poser Interface 101

This quick video tour of the Poser 3D Software interface will teach the basics of what each main feature or tool controls so you can start posing 3D models and creating characters.

Webinars for Advanced Users

If you're an advanced user who's a little further along in your Poser mastery, be sure to check out our free webinar series. One of most popular webinars to date would be: "Artistic Posing Techniques for 3D Humans using Poser".

To see all the Poser webinars, be sure to check out our webinar page.

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