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User Stories

Kevin Airgid, Advergames

I've been using Poser for around seven years. I think I saw it at a University Book Store. Before that, I used Infini-D 3D on my Mac!

Use Poser to Create Figures for Flash Games

I have always had a close relationship with the developers of Poser. I did some beta testing way back, and I generally like having access to the latest toys. I was featured in Secrets of Poser Experts because I used Poser for a fun football game for ESPN at the time.

My first experience with Poser was creating sprites for Flash games. They were very high quality and I could produce the figures really fast..

One of my favorite features of Poser is the ability to render out alpha transparent PNG sequences that are very high quality and ready to import into Flash. Also the ability to swap parts of things very fast.

Poser Saves Time and Money

Poser affords me the ability to quickly take stock 3D models and create sprites for my Flash games. I can offer 3D animation to clients at a fraction of the cost it would cost to produce "custom" models. Most of the Flash games I work on are for very temporary promotions so clients don't have the budgets for custom 3D.

See more of Kevin's work here.

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