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  • Fitting Room to convert your existing clothing and props to fit any figure*
  • Comic Book Preview Mode for color and B&W cartoon illustration and animation
  • Pixar Subdivision Surfaces for fast and efficient scene building
  • Bullet Physics for Soft Body Dynamics, Rigid Body and Hair
  • Morph Brush now supports Sag, Tighten and Loosen so clothing works better
  • Magnets and Deformers with Weight Maps for the ultimate precision
*Poser Pro 2014 Feature

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Poser comes with everything you need to create incredible digital art or 3D animation. 3D Characters, Animals, Vehicles, Props, Scenes, Cameras and Lights, all included! Poser is simple to learn, but powerful. Best of all, it's fun. All that's needed is your imagination!

Create Character Art and Animations in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Add 3D Characters & Dress the Stage

    Add 3D people and characters right from the library. Customize those characters using facial photographs, even add dynamic hair and clothing. Build a 3D scene on Poser's virtual stage with props and backgrounds. Arrange your lighting and cameras.
  2. Pose and Animate

    Pose your figures joint by joint. Automatically generate walking or running animations or talking characters. You can even import motion capture files for more action.
  3. Polish and Render

    Animate your lights and cameras to tell the perfect story, then render scenes into photorealistic images or video for web, print, and film projects.

Gigabytes of Content Ready for Action

Poser includes over 5 gigabytes of ready-to-pose, fully textured, human and animal figures, plus basic accessories such as hair, clothing, pose sets, real world props and 3D scene elements.
Human Figures Poser
Human Figures
Animals for Poser
Vehicles Included Content
Clothing comes with Poser
Scenes and Props for Poser
Scenes & Props

New Poser Pro 2014 Only Features

Productivity tools designed for Professional Poser Content Developers

Fitting Room

Interactively fit clothing and props to any Poser figure and create new conforming clothing using five intelligent modes that automatically loosen, tighten, smooth and preserve soft and rigid features. Paint maps on the mesh to control the exact areas that you want to modify. Use pre-fit tools to direct the mesh around the goal figure's shapes. With a single button, generate a new conforming item using the goal figure's rig, complete with full morph transfer

Copy Morphs from Figure to Figure

When creating new content for Poser figures, morph transfer enables conforming clothing developers more easily support a wide array of figures and include both full body and partial body morphs that can be driven by the base figure.

Powerful Parameter Controls

To provide Poser content developers more power, display hidden parameters so they can be interactively modified. Drag and drop parameters to change channel and parameter order calculation for control of how operations such as physics simulations, morphs, bends and deformers interact.

New Features in both Poser 10 and Poser Pro 2014

Pixar Subdivision Surfaces

We've integrated Pixar's OpenSubdiv library to provide Pixar Subdivision Surfaces, with user definable subdivision levels per prop, figure or even individual body part. Subdivision improves bending fidelity, smooths polygonal surfaces and improves performance by enabling lighter poly-count content. Poser includes a new Unimesh skinning method to support subdivision on figures with compliant geometry.

Rendering Speed Improvements

The Firefly render engine has been optimized for faster performance when Raytracing.

Anime Studio's Smart Bone Rigging system is a phenomenal advantage and really helps to accelerate my workflow."Each new version is really starting to add features that I once only dreamed of...but now they are here! Bullet physics, soft body dynamics, and ray-trace previews! I used to have to pull levers "behind the curtain" to make special things happen...now they are integrated into Poser! woot!"

~ DarkEdge Designs

Bullet Physics

Bullet Physics simulates Rigid Body dynamics, Soft Body dynamics, and dynamic strand based hair. Create rigid simulations with constraints to build complex mechanical interactions. Paint softbody constraint weights to animate. Add jiggle and bounce to any prop or character. Use the Live Simulation mode to preview dynamics in realtime, or calculate simulations to include in rendered animations.

Comic Book Preview Mode

Use Poser's exciting new Color and B&W Comic Book Preview for static or animated toon imagery. This feature will enable you to create comic art with fantastic line control and color, or clean black and white outlines with persistent shading even when rotating or animating your point of view.

9 New Human and Cartoon Figures

Also included are two new humans utilizing magnets with weight maps and polygonal detailing optimized for SubD. Seven new 3D cartoon figures with incredible facial expressions and personality, worthy of an on-screen cameo in Hollywood, are part of the included content.

Magnet and Deformer Weight Map Support

Poser's Magnets and Deformers have always been a powerful tool for modifying and animating figures and props. Now with Weight Maps, deformers are even more useful with extraordinary vertex level precision.

Magnet and Deformer Weight Map Painting Tools

Control the power of Poser's new Magnet and Deformer Weight Maps with painting tools that enable vertex by vertex editing. With the added precision of Weight Maps, deformers can be subtly edited to create brilliant content.

Anime Studio offers an end-to-end tool that makes it possible for a single person or small animation teams to produce work on par with a full animation house"I have been using Poser since version 2 and I don't think that there has ever been such a significant and exciting leap in the technology between versions. I am just blown away by all of the new features and capabilities. I cannot wait to get deep into these new features!"

~ Anna / Secretheart

Interactive Raytrace Preview

Preview every scene change you make with the new Interactive Raytrace Preview with a fast raytraced display. It's a great way to see changes to camera angle, lights, shadows with all the benefits of the optimized Firefly Raytrace engine including transparency and reflections.

OpenGL Speed Optimization

OpenGL has been optimized for on screen performance so you can create and preview scenes changes and lights faster than ever

Grouping Tool Improvements

Selecting polygons for group editing is easier now by painting, add or remove polygons by group or material and mirror selections across X, Y and Z axes.

Anime Studio offers an end-to-end tool that makes it possible for a single person or small animation teams to produce work on par with a full animation house"I said it before and I'll it again. The best version of Poser, yet! Poser 10 and Pro 2014 is just packed with such great new features that it has made me want to redo everything I have ever made. My content development will never be the same again."

~ Redspark

Morph Brush Improvements

New Morph Brush methods make it easier to tighten, loosen, sag, flatten smooth and restore any mesh, whether it's a prop, figure or conforming figure. The new Goal feature lets you select a target to morph towards for precise fitting to any figure. Fine tune the morph creation process with the user definable Pokethrough Margin. Use arrow keys to change brush radius and magnitude.

Material Compound Nodes

Create and distribute complicated materials in a simpler fashion with Compound Nodes. Select any group of individual material nodes and combine them into a single block. Users can expand Compound Nodes to edit the individual nodes, or leave them collapsed.

Gamma Correction

Gamma Correction is now in both Poser 10 and Pro 2014 so gamma controlled content can be developed and delivered to every Poser user, supporting uniform materials across versions.

Why 2D and 3D Artists use Poser

Graphic designers and production artists who use other 2D and 3D tools like Photoshop, Lightwave, Cinema4D, Maya, 3ds Max or Vue often need ready to go humans and accessories for all kinds of projects. Poser is the perfect complementary tool, with its impressive inventory of pre-rigged 3D characters, clothing, hair, scenes and access to third party Poser content.

With Poser, any 2D or 3D graphic professional or hobbyist can create remarkable character-based digital imagery that is easily integrated into other industry standard software tools as rendered images or animation, or in full 3D with PoserFusion™ or COLLADA. If you don't want to model a 3D character from scratch, Poser is the perfect source to add character to your project.

Check out what some professional artists are making with Poser.

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Whether you're a serious artist, illustrator or animator or simply dream of playing with 3D characters, you'll love getting creative with Poser!

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