Miki 4 3D Figures - Now Available for Poser

Miki 4 for Poser - Now Available

Fully Weight Mapped and Gorgeous as Ever!

Miki 4 from Smith Micro sets a new standard for 3D Human characters for Poser. She's wonderfully life-like, richly featured, and very easy to use. Her defined, Amerasian influenced, athletic physique is an anatomically accurate full body morph of Miki 3 with full Poser 9 compliant Vertex Weight Mapping for superior bending and posing and Subsurface Scattering for photorealistic skin. Miki 4 includes abundant Advanced Body Controls for faster posing, Joint Controlled Morphs for muscle and tendon movement, with an extensive set of facial expressions and phonemes for synthesized speech. Miki 4 works in Poser 10, Poser Pro 2014, Poser 9 and Poser Pro 2012. Older versions of Poser do not support Miki 4.

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*Requires Poser 9, Poser Pro 2012, Poser 10 or Poser Pro 2014 Serial Number.

Miki 4 is Poser Face Room compatible, and is the perfect successor to Miki 3.

Miki 4 Figure Pack Includes:

Fully rigged with Poser's Vertex Weightmapping, the Miki 4 Figure come with a complete set of Full Body Morphs, Partial Body Morphs, Advanced Body Controls, Deformers, Ghost Actors and Joint Controlled Body Morphs. The Miki 4 Figure Pack also includes a rigged Dev figure for accessory clothing developers to create assets for the Miki 4 figure.

Miki 4 is the first Poser figure to include 3D modeled eyelashes, for better extreme close-up on her eyes and face. The 3D lashes are designed follow all Miki eyelid movements. Miki 4 also incudes the original Miki 3 transmapped eyelashes for Faceroom and backwards compatibility.

Miki 4 is furnished via an easy to use installer which not only installs the figure's compressed runtime files, but Poser application data for Miki 4 support in the Face Room, TalkDesigner™ and Repose data for Universal Pose support.

Miki 4 is a fully re-grouped and re-sculpted morph figure version of Miki 3 that preserves the original Miki 3 UV layout, so all legacy Miki 3 texture maps can be used on Miki 4. Miki 3 clothing can be converted to support Miki 4 using Poser Pro 2012's Weight Map Editing Tools and the Poser Morph Brush.

Miki 4 includes both the original Miki 3 face and a fully resculpted Miki 4 Head morph that provides a softer, more easily modifiable face.

Miki 4 is rigged with 16 Ghost Actor Bones for more precise muscle and joint articulation, and improved posing control. Ghost Bones include L/R Groin, L/R Hamstring, L/R Glute, L/R Calf, L/R Breast, L/R Bicep, and L/R Pectoral, L/R Latissimus.

  • 2 high resolution, gamma correct, photorealistic body material sets with Subsurface Scattering via Snarlygribbly's EZSkin Tool, Miki4NoGen material set includes a smooth skintone in breast and hip areas, Miki4Gen material includes fully accurate anatomic detail in those areas
  • 1 Miki 4 Eyelash conforming figure
  • 5 full resolution facial makeup material sets
  • 6 full resolution eye color material sets optimized for raytracing and Subsurface Scattering
  • 2 conforming trans-mapped hair sets with styling morphs, each with 5 color material sets
  • 7 Full Body Morphs, over 20 Upper and Lower Body Partial Morphs and over 100 Facial Expression, Face Sculpting, Eye, Ear, Lip Mouth, Nose, Tongue and Phoneme Morphs
  • 34 Advanced Body Controls for faster posing
  • 27 Breast Ghost Actor Controls for scale, translation and rotation
  • 13 Miki 4 utility Poses including Deformer pose to apply the full set of deformers to third party content
  • 9 Face Poses
  • Miki 4 Swim Top and Swim Bottom Conforming Figures
  • TalkDesigner™ and Face Room Compliant
  • Miki 4 XMP metadata files for Library content
  • Includes full set of 2D texture templates to create custom Miki 4 textures
  • Fully detailed, 44 Page Miki 4 User Guide to get the most out Miki 4

Miki 4 requires Poser 10, Poser Pro 2014, or Poser 9/ Poser Pro 2012 with SR3 or later applied.

Miki 4 Clothing Bundle - Three Great Packs at One Low Price
Only $29.99

All of the clothing in this incredible bundle has been constructed to follow Miki 4's Vertex Weight Mapped joints and Full Body Morphs, and also includes full rigging support for her arm, shoulder, chest, hip and leg Ghost Actors.

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Frills and Lace Clothing Pack

The richly detailed Frills and Lace fantasy outfit for Miki 4 was modelled, textured and rigged for Miki 4 by Poser artist Denise Tyler with technical assitance by Smith Micro's Darrell Glidden. The Frills and Lace Clothing Pack is a stylish and seductive steampunk inspired fantasy clothing set with many possible variations and pairings of individual items.

The Frills and Lace Clothing Pack includes:

  • High Heel Boots
  • Lace Collar
  • Arm length Glove/Sleeves
  • Lace Garters
  • Medium Heel Maryjane Shoes
  • High Heel Pumps
  • Panties
  • Lace Skirt
  • Overskirt
  • Leg Length Stockings
  • Corset Top

Frills and Lace Material options include:

  • Black, Brown, Gray Boot materials
  • Alice, Goth and Red/White Lace Collar materials
  • Alice, Goth and Red/White Glove/Sleeve materials
  • Alice, Goth and Red/White Garter materials
  • Alice, Goth and Red Tartan Skirt materials
  • Alice, Goth and Red Tartan Overskirt materials
  • Alice, Goth and White Panty materials
  • Alice, Goth and Red Tartan/White Corset materials
  • Black Patent, White Pump materials
  • Blue/White, Black/Sheer, Fishnet, White Leg Length Stocking materials

Basics Clothing Pack

Modelled, textured and rigged for Miki 4 by Teyon Alexander and Darrell Glidden, the Miki 4 Basics Clothing Pack is a small but fun starter set of practical yet sassy street clothing for Miki 4.

The Basics Clothing Pack includes:

  • Black Combat Boots
  • Blue Jeans
  • Strapped Midriff Tank Top
  • Swimwear Set

Sleepwear Clothing Pack

A relaxing set of lounginging and bedtime clothing for Miki 4, also modelled, textured and rigged for Miki 4 by Teyon Alexander and Darrell Glidden.

The Sleepwear Clothing Pack includes:

  • Boxers
  • Boyshorts
  • Long sleeved shirt
  • Pajama Bottoms
  • Panties
  • Socks
  • Tanktop

Buy Clothing Pack Now - $29.99

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