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Poser 9

Perfect for getting started in 3D. Everything you need to make incredible art.

Poser Pro 2012

Made for power-users, professional artists or designers and content creators.

Material Room for advanced material editing

Cloth Room for creating dynamic clothing props

Face Room for creating custom faces on supported figures

Hair Room for creating dynamic hair or fur

Setup Room for the creation and rigging of new figures

Wardrobe Wizard to fit existing clothes items onto new figures

5GB of Included Content, including 9 new human and cartoon characters

3GB of Included Content, including Poser 8 family characters

Multiple Sphere and Capsule Zone Rigging system

Weight Map Rig Support

SubSurface Scattering Materials

Invisible Light Casting Objects

Indirect Lighting with Ambient Occlusion Rendering Support

Unlimited number of Point Lights, Spot Lights, Infinite Lights and Diffuse Image Based Lights

Keyframe Animation System, Layers and Groups, Constraint Channels and Objects

Walk Designer™ to auto-generate walk and run cycles

Talk Designer™ to auto-generate talking facial animation

Gamma Correction in both Poser 10 and Poser Pro 2014

NEW! Bullet Physics

NEW! Live Simulation Mode for Physics

NEW! Soft Body Dynamics

NEW! Rigid Body Dynamics

NEW! Pixar Subdivision Surfaces with user defined levels for figures, actors and props

NEW! Comic Book Preview Mode

NEW! Interactive Raytrace Preview

NEW! Material Compound Nodes

NEW! Magnet and Deformers with weight maps and painting tools

NEW! Morph Brushes with Tighten, Loosen and Sag to fit your figure and fix poke-through

NEW! Copy and Paste Mirrored

NEW! Symmetry Operations on Weight Maps

NEW! Improved Grouping Tool Selection and Mirroring Tools

NEW! Raytrace Rendering Speed Improvements

NEW! OpenGL Preview Speed Optimizations

NEW! Fitting Room to custom fit existing clothing to any figure and create new Conforming Clothing

NEW! Copy Morphs from Figure to Figure

NEW! Display and Re-arrange Hidden Parameter Channels


Full Body Morph import and delete


Full Suite of Weight Map Creation Tools


Weight Map Auto Transfer and Weight Map Painting with pressure sensitive tablet support


64 bit Rendering Macintosh® and Windows®


PoserFusion™ plug-ins


Full COLLADA export/import & HDRI export/import


64-bit fully native application Macintosh and Windows


FireFly rendering engine, Queue Manager, Network Render Queue


PSD layer rendering, Background Rendering

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Poser Feature Comparison List

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