Poser Basics - Learn about Poser

Poser Basics - Commonly Used Poser Objects

Morph targets and characters are commonly used and traded/sold by and among users and third-party vendors. This section provides a brief explanation of each.

Morph Targets

Morph targets are supplied as OBJ files that you import into Poser for application to part of a figure. The figure's CR2 file controls morph targets, and a dial appears for each morph target when an applicable body part is selected. For example, a head morph target dial will appear when you select the figure's head.

Characters & Clothing

Characters can be modifications of meshes that come with Poser or can include entirely new OBJ meshes (models). Characters based on pre-existing meshes typically come as CR2, texture, and bump files. Also, each piece of conforming clothing uses CR2 files to make it poseable, making clothing downloads similar to characters; thus, the download is similar to that of a character.

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